Dec 192011

A dangerous, illegal brand of alcohol called DROP VODKA has been found on sale at corner shops and petrol stations; pubs and clubs may also have stocks.


Tests carried out by local authorities have identified the presence of Propan-2-ol (an industrial alcohol used in electronics cleaning) which acts on the central nervous system as a depressant. More worryingly, DROP VODKA has also been found to contain methanol in some of the samples and this can kill and can cause permanent blindness.

The Foods Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a warning to consumers NOT to drink Drop Vodka. Of lesser concern is that this illegal vodka contains only 28.6% alcohol instead of the required 37.5 %. Food and drink has to go through rigorous testing before it is placed on the market but because Drop Vodka is not registered to any company in theUK, it has not been through this process, so no-one knows what is in the product. 

It is very important retailers understand they must keep records showing where they bought the food and drink they are selling.  This traceability would be part of their defence if they unwittingly sell dangerous or illegal foods and drinks. If they fail to keep or do not have any records they may be held liable.

Trading Standards’ advise retailers not to accept food and drink products that are offered to them for sale from people or businesses they do not know. Retailers caught selling the vodka could face a £20,000 fine or imprisonment for the offence.

Trading Standards urge any retailer who has been offered Drop Vodka for retail, or any individual who has seen it for sale to contact them on 01296 382649 or email them on as a matter of urgency.


[Posted on behalf of Shane W.]