Love Waterside


Artwork for Love Waterside project. Aug 2014

Love Waterside is a programme of events and activities for the Waterside area starting from Autumn, 2014, to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Christ Church at Waterside.

Events include:

  • A talent competition
  • Sports Event
  • Health Fair
  • Art event and exhibition
  • Party on the Moor

and lots of other events and activities supported by Chiltern District Council, Bucks County Council, the Waterside Community Association and Christchurch.

There are lots of ways for you to join in and you can  make a start already:

Connect – with your friends, family, neighbours. Make time for a chat.

Be active – find a physical activity you enjoy. Go for a walk or try gardening.

Take notice – be curious, take time to look at the day.

Keep learning – Try something new. Try a new recipe or sign up for a course.

Give – Smile, do something nice for a friend or neighbour.

Love Waterside and love life!


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  1. Being a resident of Bois Moor Road, I am wanting some information on the events and activities which will hopefully happen 2014/2015 onwards if I can help in anyway please email I am retired and interested in the project.

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