Waterside Community Association was established in November 2011.  The aim of the association is to represent the residents and community of Waterside, Chesham, in order to face and resolve issues faced by the community and make Waterside a pleasant, desirable place to live.  The Association’s purpose is representation, promotion, enhancement, development and advancement of the community of Waterside.

Objectives of the Association

  • To develop and foster a sense of civic pride and community spirit among the residents and workers of Waterside
  • To act on behalf of Waterside residents and businesses and in their representation with local authorities and service providers in promoting the interest of Waterside;
  • To preserve the cultural and architectural heritage of Waterside
  • The dissemination of information and assistance to the public regarding any matter involving Waterside; To assist other organisations operating with similar objectives
  • To pursue openness, accountability and transparency in the activities of the Association;
  •  To undertake any other activities in furtherance of the purposes of the Association.

To contact the association, please email info@wcassoc.co.uk.

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  1. Hi, I’m planning to move to Chesham with my family and wondered what the Waterside area is like? Can someone give me an honest view about life in this area, its population, it’s strengths and weaknesses, its future prospects, that sort of thing. I’d be grateful for any info. Thank you.

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