Mar 092015


10am SUNDAY 15 MARCH 2015




in carrying out a grand clearance of the vegetation, shrubs, trees and litter along Moor Road from the Amersham Road roundabout to Kitty Bridge and surrounding area.

Please meet up from 10am onwards at Moor Road car park. Please bring appropriate clothing, wellies/waders, strong gloves, sharp saws and pruners/loppers, and refreshments. We will be working all day and you are very welcome, even for a couple of hours.

For further information please check

  2 Responses to “The Big River Chess Clearance!”

  1. Sorry not to be able to help – Mother’s Day and all that – but I will continue to pick up litter on daily dog walks from Riverside Walk and around the Moor. (e.g. 8 assorted cans and plastic bottles collected from the football pitch last Sunday afternoon!).

    • Hi Anne, I think there will be more litter picks in the future that you could join. In the mean time, Waterside would be a cleaner place if we all, like you do, picked up a piece or three each time we’re out and about. Thanks!

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