Mar 102014

Following the agreement with Chesham Town Council to keep the Bois Moor Road play area open, the WCA are now actively fundraising to replace the current equipment and even increase the size of the play area. Some ideas of how the play area could be improved are shown below.

If you would like to be involved in the fundraising to improve the play area at Bois Moor Road, or have any ideas, please email or use the comments form below.


WCA Planclick to enlarge

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  One Response to “Bois Moor Play Area – Suggestions”

  1. I think the plan looks amazing. I really hope the fundraising is sucessful. Thank you.

    One suggestion I have is to have different swings for toddlers and juniors and have them in differernt areas of the park as otherwise the todder swing will get utilised by juniors which may cause it damage and it could pose a risk to toddlers if juniors are swinging right next to them

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