Jan 082014

The Waterside Community Association (WCA) is very disappointed that the private owners of the old quarry lakes have put the site on the market without first fully exploring a use for the community. The site has been used for decades by local dog walkers, fisherman and those that enjoy the natural environment. Local community groups have also played an important role in helping to maintain the site.

The WCA worked hard last year to pull together feedback from the community as to what they would like to see happen to the site. The vast majority wish to see the area remain a place of natural beauty for the community to enjoy.

The WCA are working with a variety of local organisations to try and find a way forward to keep the area accessible to the community. We would welcome any suggestions or offers of support. If you feel that you are able to help keep this site in community use or have any suggestions, the WCA would be pleased to hear from you via the feedback link below.Bois Quarry img

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  1. I love the old quarry site. I work away a lot, so I cannot commit to anything regular, but when I am at home, especially in January I do have quite a bit of time off and I would be more than willing to do anything I can for the site.

    • Many thanks Natalie, your offer is much appreciated and the WCA will be contact if things progress as we would wish

  2. I often use this area for dog walking, and love the site. I’ve also opened a Unit in Chesham called the Green Room which is to get the community fit and healthy. I wonder if there is some way that I can link the work I do into keeping the lakes for public use? Sponsored activities? Sponsored weight loss?
    Anyone with creative mind, am open to suggestions and willing to help!

  3. Do we know who the owner is ? and how much are they asking for this site, as I have only just stumbled across this site and read about this situation. would be nice to keep this in local hands and maybe improve the area and access

    • Thanks Ken – The owners are the Rand Family and the asking price is £250k. The WCA and myself are in talks with local organisations with a view to keeping the ownership in local hands

  4. Could the RSPB help? I’ve seen Cormorants, day flying bats and all sorts down at the quarry. There is a Japanese Knot-weed problem though.

  5. I would be interested if I could stay in a tent in maybe to do a barbecue please some body can help me with a number from property boss many thanks

  6. Hi, I live in waterside and am deeply concerned as i just read in the Simmons and Sons info for this property “The property is located within the Metropolitan Greenbelt however the access point on the
    southern boundary for Cresswell Road has existing residential use on either side of the
    entrance and may offer the potential for development, subject to obtaining the necessary
    planning permission”
    I did email Rspb about this site as i have seen many things like great cormorants, day flying bats, kingfishers and many more. Would be a shame to loose it!

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