Sep 252013

WCA members please note: the public meeting for Thursday 26th September 2013 has been cancelled.


The next public meeting will be the AGM on Thursday 7th November.



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  1. This was a very late notification and an email to members would have been useful.
    Several of us stood outside the church hall on Thursday night. I checked the website earlier in the week and it was still showing Thursday 26 Sep at 7.30pm
    There is a lesson to be learned here about relying on a website for communication.

    • Don,
      Are you subscribed to email alerts? Emails should be automatically sent to all subscribers on this website with every article posted.

      A further email was also sent to all subscribers on the website on the day of the notice above.

      We will try to notify with more notice in future, and will consider options on letting those who do not use emails or internet know about changes.


      • Carin – I am one of the original members – look at mtg #1 attendance and you will see me there with my email address.
        I guess somehow you, or someone, have inadvertently deleted me from your database.
        Clearly I no longer receive emails so I resubscribed.
        Would have rejoined but the membership application page is displaying MySQL syntax error messages.
        See you on the 7th

        • Don,

          Thanks for resubscribing – hopefully you will have received emails now for the latest updates.

          Also, thanks for pointing out the SQL syntax error. I’ll look at this on the weekend.

          Best Regards,

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