Mar 262012

Waterside Community Association (WCA) is working with Chiltern District Council to highlight the problem of dog fouling in Waterside.  Owners not clearing up after their animals is something residents frequently raise as a problem with the Association at public meetings and via the message board on the website.

Through April 2012 and beyond the WCA will be campaigning to highlight the issue with it’s ‘Your Community’ campaign and you will start to see the poster below displayed around Waterside.  Other ways to help raise awareness through the campaign include:

  • The dog warden visiting local schools and organisations
  • Police Community Support Officers talking to dog walkers about their responsibilities
  • Increased enforcement
  • The officer responsible for dog services from Chiltern District Council to attend the next WCA public meeting to answer questions from local residents (Thursday 17th May)
  • Local District Councillors, Peter Hudson and Nik Stewert, working with Chiltern District Council to increase the availability of dog bins in Waterside
  • To get involved please contact your representative which you can find here or email
The Chiltern District Council are also considering an application for additional dog waste bins for Waterside.
Waterside Community Association recognises that the majority of dog owners are responsible people, but wants to make those owners that do allow their dogs to foul without cleaning it up aware that they spoil the local community for everyone and also put people’s health at risk.
The following links may be useful to report problems related to dog fouling in the area:
  • To report dog fouling, click here.
  • To report a dog waste bin that needs emptying, click here.

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